Sundays at 10:00 am

Join us this summer as delve into the all-important subject of what we believe—as Christians, and, more specifically, as Presbyterians within the Reformed tradition.  As the basis for this series, we’ll be going through the Presbyterian Church’s “Brief Statement of Faith,” a contemporary expression of our beliefs added to our church’s Book of Confessions in 1991.  Click here to read the Brief Statement.

May 28: “In Life and in Death We Belong to God”  

June 4: “We Trust in the One Triune God”

June 11:  Guest Preacher

June 18:  Guest Preacher

June 25: “We Trust in Jesus Christ, Fully Human, Fully God”

July 2: “Jesus Proclaimed the Reign of God”

July 9: “Giving His Life”

July 16: “Vindicating. . . Breaking. . . Delivering”

July 23:  “Abba, Father”

July 30:  “But We Rebel”

Aug. 6:  “Yet God. . .”

Aug. 13: “The Holy Spirit, Everywhere the Giver and Renewer of Life”

Aug. 20: “The Spirit. . . Sets Us Free”

Aug. 27: “The Spirit. . . Rules Our Faith and Life”

Sept. 3:  “The Spirit Gives Us Courage in a Broken and Fearful World”