The Session meets at the church on the 

fourth Monday of every month at 7pm.

Presbuteros, the Greek word meaning “elder,” is used 72 times in the New Testament. It provided the name for the Presbyterian family of churches, which includes the Reformed churches of the world. Both Presbyterian and Reformed are synonymous with churches of the Calvinist tradition.

In simple form, presbyterian means "rule by elders". However, the Presbyterian Church USA employs a representative form of governance, with all members having a voice through their Session members and in congregational meetings.

In the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) there are two types of elders:  ruling elders and teaching elders.

Ruling elders are lay people, called and commissioned by the local church to lead and serve the congregation and the connectional PCUSA.

Teaching elders are those individuals who have been ordained by the Presbyterian Church USA and installed as a "minister of the Word and Sacrament".

Deacon Members

Class of 2017

Lindsey Drake

Joyce Johnson

Jen Simmerman

Class of 2018
Jennifer Corrick

Peggy Etherton

Lee Hill

The Session is moderated by the pastor and teaching elder,

the ​​Rev. Bill McConnell, Ph.D

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is on the south side of HWY 1 in Murray, Nebraska.

The CHURCH is the group of believers inside!

Sunday School at 9:00 a.m. | Worship at 10:00 a.m.

   Rev. William McConnell, PhD.  Pastor

Session Members

Class of 2017

Ray Avendano

Gary Rieke

Class of 2018

Julie Nickels

David Schwindt

Class of 2019
Sherril Konfrst
Ann Wieringa